Pro Tools and Logic Pro based workflow. With extensive third party plug in’s/samples collection. Apogee conversion/high-end pre-amps and large roster of mic’s for recording. (Location, & Studio)

Corporate / Commercial

  • V.O. Recording Services
  • Original Music Scoring
  • Post Production Audio
  • Location Sound
  • Mixing - broadcast/web
  • Audio Books


  • Demo Recordings
  • Overdubs
  • Full Album Production
  • Producing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Music Composition-Post Sound Mixing

Add that final touch to your production with original music composition.  Clean up noisy location audio, balance/level out your final mix, while ensuring that your project meets the current loudness delivery specs


Full range of audio production services, from simple demos, over-dubs, to full album production. Package rates available for Tracking, Mixing, & Mixing / Mastering.  Online Mixing Projects? No Problem!